Sony FS5 with 18-105mm F4 lens

One Day Price : $250 + GST and Ins. | *Multi day rate: Ask us for a quote

Total price: $295.63

The Sony PXW-FS5 Super 35 camera is a compact, lightweight, fully featured camera system complete with 18-105mm F4 zoom lens. A great camera for solo shoots in corporate, commercial, live event and doco work. A highly adaptable lens mount allows for adaptors to other lens systems, most notably the Canon EF series and PL cine glass which allows for great flexibility in lens selection. The two XLR ports allow for high quality internal audio recording from line/mic/mic+48 sources. The built in ND system can be operated as a normal ND filter wheel, or at the flick of a switch it becomes a variable ND that allows you to really stick to your desired lens aperture.

The kit includes:

  • Sony FS5 4k camera body
  • Sony 18-105 F4 powered zoom lens
  • Tripod
  • On board shotgun mic
  • 2x 128GB SD card
  • 1x 64GB SD card
  • 2x BP-U60 batteries
  • 1x BP-U30 battery
  • Battery charger
  • Card Reader
  • Adaptors available for EF and PL lenses