Equipment bookings can be made via phone, email or in person. You can also request a quote on this website.

A one day hire is classed as 24 hours, but we are also understanding of the realities of the industry so generally, when possible, we operate on a pick up the afternoon before the shoot and return the morning after policy.

Beyond three days we offer multiple day discounts, please contact us for a quote.

Yes, we are more than happy to put a hold on equipment for you, if we get requests that conflict with the hold you will be asked to confirm the booking or cancel it.

A late fee may be charged for late return, so contact us if you are going to be late and we will try to arrange a time that suits everyone.

We try to avoid cancellation fees whenever possible, but if we have had costs such as obtaining equipment from interstate we will charge those costs to you

The hirer is completely responsible for all damaged or lost equipment. However the damage waiver you pay with the rental fee means that you should never have to pay more than $1,000 for lost or damaged equipment

Half day terms are not available on most items,


Payment is due in full before or upon collection of rental equipment. Payment options include Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or electronic transfer.

We require four forms of ID:

  • Passport
  • Australian photo ID such as drivers license, proof of age etc.
  • An additional proof of current address from the last 3 months (bank statement, utilities bill or something similar).
  • Another form of ID such as a Medicare card or bank card

Please contact us if you are going to have any problems fulfilling these requirements. Often we can achieve a solution by discussing your circumstances with you

Our pickup times are scheduled from 2PM the day before your shoot unless otherwise noted and return is between 9AM and 11AM the day after. For example, for a Wednesday shoot pickup is scheduled between 2PM and 5PM on Tuesday and return between 9AM and 11AM on Thursday. We are happy to try to work within our client’s schedules so please let us know if you require a different schedule and we will do our best to accommodate that.

Credit accounts are generally not available except to major, regular clients.


The Loss and Damage Waiver is 7.5% of the standard hire fee.

Yes, Picture Hire Australia has a policy that covers our risk for most loss or damage events. When you pay the Loss and Damage Waiver, you are automatically covered by our policy. If equipment is lost or damaged, you will only be required to pay 50% of the replacement value of the equipment up to a maximum of $1,000.

Deliberate fraud or damage is not covered. Unusually high risk activities are not covered, and loss or damage outside of Australia is not automatically covered.

Ask us about your situation and we can assist to arrange special cover for you. A copy of our company’s insurance policy is available on request.

Give us a Certificate of Currency of your insurance, and if it has suitable terms and conditions, you will not be charged the Loss and Damage Waiver.

Office Hours

9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday except for public holidays.

Yes, we can be available for out of hours collection or return upon request. If you require rental equipment at short notice, we will try to accommodate your request. An out of hours fee may be charged for these services.

Yes, you can find our phone numbers on the Contact page. Please contact us if you have any questions about the equipment you’ve hired. There is no fee for this

Terms & Conditions

Please find a full copy of our terms and conditions on this website here

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