Apurture Light Storm 1200D

One Day Price : $180.00 + GST and Ins. | *Multi day rate: Ask us for a quote

Total price: $212.85

The Aputure 1200D is a 5600k LED light with a high colour accuracy of 95 CRI. With an output equivalent to a 1600W HMI, it gives an output of 83,100 Lux of light with the included reflector at 3 metres.

The unit has smooth stepless dimming, and can produce a range of lighting effects including: Lightning, explosion, flash, TV pulse, and faulty bulb.

The light features a Bowen S-mount design which means you can use a range of film and photographic modifiers. See the link below for compatible modifiers.


Kit includes:

  • Aputure 1200D light head
  • Ballast
  • 3 Hyper Reflector modifiers (15 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree).
  • Large 3 stage light stand
  • Shotbag
  • Power cable