Dana Dolly with drop down kit

One Day Price : $110.00 + GST and Ins. | *Multi day rate: Ask us for a quote

Total price: $130.08

This kit allows you even more versatility than the standard package, as it also includes the drop down kit that allows you to easily adjust the height of the slider.

The Dana Dolly is a heavy duty slider that can be used with heavier camera systems such as the Alexa, Red and Fx9, but can also be used with smaller camera systems also.

The softer wheels of the Dana dolly means super smooth movement, even if there are imperfections in the track. And it includes a range of mounting options for your tripod head.

Kit includes:

  • Dana Dolly slider
  • American Grip drop down kit
  • 2x Stands
  • 2x shotbags
  • 75mm, 100mm, 150mm bowl mount options
  • A choice of 10ft, 8ft, 7ft, 6ft, 5ft track lengths (more options on request).
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