DJI RS 4 Pro Combo


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Product information

The DJI RS4 Pro Combo will become your new workhorse for all gimbal work. With a load capacity of 4.5kg it can be used with most small to medium cameras. The new design makes shooting on slightly larger cameras such as the Sony FX6 possible.

New features include native vertical shooting mode, allowing you to quickly switch from landscape to vertical shooting without any third party accessories. It also features an automated autolocking system, making the transition from sleep to shooting mode quicker.

The kit also includes RavenEye Image Transmission system allowing you to transmit to a device such as your phone or tablet for low latency 1080p monitoring at over 300ft. It also includes the impressive “Force mobile” feature, which allows you to use your device to track subjects or to control pan and tilt.

The Pro combo comes with a focus motor, dual grip handles and a tethered hand control.

Key features

  • 4.5kg payload
  • Lighter Carbon Fiber design
  • Supersmooth stabilization for longer lens work.
  • Dual grip handles
  • Manual focus control via an included motor and lens gear.
  • Focus control via the gimble or offset tether control handle
  • 1080p transmission via RavenEye to phone or tablet


Kit includes

  • RS 4 gimble
  • Twist Grip Dual handles
  • Tethered remote handle
  • RavenEye Transmitter
  • Focus motor and rails
  • Lens gears
  • Phone Holder
  • Briefcase mode handle
  • Various HDMI connection cables
  • Various USB-C control cables.

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