Nanlite PavoSlim 120C RGB LED Panel


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Product information

The Nanlite PavoSlim 120C is a 2ft x 1ft super thin RGB LED Panel with a variable colour temperature range of 2700 to 7500K.

It also have a range of inbuilt coloured LEE gels, as well as special effects including: police car, TV, candle/fire, disco, bad bulb and more.

The PavoSlim has an inbuilt soft box that can expand instantly simply by releasing the velcro strap. Due to it being very light weight it’s great for interviews or “run and gun” shooting, as well as being perfect as a top light for dinner table scenes. The unit can be powered by mains or also be run off a single V-lock battery. (Approximate running is 45 minutes at 100% on a 160WH v-lock).


  • Hyperthin low profile design
  • Colour temperature range of 2700 to 7500K
  • Inbuilt LEE Gels
  • Inbuilt effects
  • V-Lock power capability (additional charge)


Kit Includes:

  • PavoSlim 120C light
  • Inbuilt soft box with 2x diffusers (2.5 and 1.5 stop)
  • Grid
  • Control Unit
  • Swivel and Baby pin mounts
  • Light stand
  • Shotbag
  • Power cable
  • Carry bag


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