Rode Wireless Pro Dual Channel Microphone


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Product information

The Rode Wireless Pro is an easy to use system that allows you to record audio with two radio mics at the same time to your camera, smartphone or computer using the dual channel receiver. The 2x transmitters also have a built in microphone and 32gb internal storage which allows up to 40 hours of 32 bit backup recording.

The package also includes 2x lavalier mics that can be plugged into the transmitters for a more discreet microphone placement.

Kit Includes

  • 2x Transmitters (with inbuilt microphone, and 32 bit float recording).
  • 1x Dual Receiver
  • All in one charging case
  • 2x Rode Lavalier II mics
  • 2x MagClip magnet for transmitters
  • 2x USB-C cables
  • 2x USB-C to lightning cables
  • 3x Furry windsocks (for onboard microphone)
  • 2x Furry windsocks (for lavalier microphone)



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