Aputure Light Storm 600D


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Product information

The Aputure 600D is a lightweight 5500k LED light with a high colour accuracy of 96 CRI. Drawing only 600W of power, it gives an output of 8500 Lux of light with the included reflector at 3 metres.

As well as smooth stepless dimming, it can produce a range of lighting effects including: Lightning, explosion, flash, TV pulse, and faulty bulb. This can all be controlled with the ballast, but can also be controlled via the remote control or using a third party app.

The light features a Bowen S-mount design which means you can use a range of film and photographic modifiers.

Kit includes:

  • Aputure 600D light head
  • Ballast
  • Hyper Reflector modifier
  • Light stand
  • Shotbag
  • Power cable


* There are also a range of modifiers that can be hired seperately.


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