Sony FX6 with 24-105mm F4 G OSS lens


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Product information

Joining the new line of Sony Full frame camcorders the FX6 brings a full frame sensor into a camcorder body. Boasting a new colour science using the Sony Venice S-cinetone, as well as auto focus features, this camera is versatile enough for “Run and Gun” work, as well as more cinematic shooting due to it’s large format look.

The FX6 is lighter and smaller than the FX9, so can be used on shoots that require a more nimble camera such as doco’s or gimble work. But it shares the same great colour science as the FX9.


  • Full frame and Super 35 sensor modes
  • 15 stops of lattitude
  • 800 base
  • 422 10 bit recording
  • 16 bit RAW output
  • Hybrid auto focus
  • S-Cinetone and Slog 3 gamma curve

What’s in the kit

  • Sony FX6 Camera Body
  • Sony 24-105mm f4 G OSS lens
  • Tripod
  • 2x BPU-70 batteries
  • 1xBPU-35 battery
  • 4x 160gb CFast Express cards
  • card reader
  • onboard shotgun mic
  • power supply


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